SR3030 (Oversize)

Oversize skate model with black and red gloss trim designed for high durability.

  • Gloss Trim with High-Durability Print
  • Unique Impact Absorption Tongue Pad
  • Increased Side Stability for Higher Weights
  • Anatomical Ankle Padding
  • Slightly Forward-Tilted Upper Construction


With the SR3030, GRAF Hockey continues a long-standing tradition to provide high performance hockey skates for player with foot sizes exceeding the regular production measurements.The SR3030 comes with an updated red-silver-black glossy design and features the latest improvements GRAF Hockey skates has added to their skates. Its design includes the new GRAF Hockey logo and triangle style.Over the years, we have learned that oversize feet most of the time also need additional width in the toe area. The shape of the new curved-edge toe cap used on the SR3030 skate has been specifically adjusted to accommodate larger toes. The black felt tongue on the SR3030 comes with an impact absorption pad, which protects from shots and hits from other player's sticks. The pad also helps to distribute the pressure of the laces over the full surface of the foot. As a result, laces can be pulled tighter, which helps to increase the transfer of power from the leg to the ice. SR3030s have soft micro-fibre inner lining and anatomical padding, which helps to keep feet firm in the boot and reduces pressure points.The skate comes mounted with Cobra 2500 blades. Cobra 2500 have proven to be the most reliable and durable blades in terms of strength and ageing-resistance.
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Blade MountingSteel Rivets
Boot Stiffness75
Fit TypeWide
Heel WidthWide
Heel ShapeAnatomical
Heel InstepNormal
Quarter PanelReinforced 3D-Shaped PP Composite-Structure Quarter Panels
Lining MaterialMicrofiber
Ankle PaddingQuick Drying Microfibre Lining
Tongue Style7MM Black Felt Tongue with Force Distribution Pad
FootbedGRAF Hockey Anatomically Shaped Microfiber Foam Footbed
OutsoleWhite Durable PP Outsole
Toe CapAnatomically Shaped Curved-Edge Toe Cap
Custom Order PossibleNo
Heat MoldableYes
Blade HolderGRAF Cobra 2500
Blade RunnerStainless Steel Runner
Fit TypeWide



UK 13-16 (Full Sizes)