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G703 – Mr. Graf Limited Edition – Late Orders
  • Limited Run of 82 Pairs – Made In Switzerland
  • WORLDWIDE Shipping included
  • “MR. GRAF” Stitching and Print on the Back
  • Midsole hand-signed by Mr. Graf personally
  • Special Side insert (with Limited Edition Number)
  • Classic Felt Tongue with Glossy Black/Silver Logo insert
  • Soft Suede-like Quarter Panel Surface Material
  • Ultra 5000 Blades
  • Comes with white laces and an extra pair of yellow laces

CHF 849

All-Inclusive: Shipping, taxes and customs

We would like to celebrate the GRAF Hockey brand and the incredible work Mr. Graf has done for the skate manufacturing world.

Even though aged 82, Mr. Graf is overseeing the GRAF skate production in Switzerland. Therefore, GRAF Hockey will be producing 82 exclusive 703 skates as a Mr. Graf signature edition.

These skates will use the traditional 703 construction materials with modern knowledge to create the best 703 skates the world has ever seen. They’ll feature suede-like quarters and all the signature GRAF details, quality, and comfort that is world renowned. Just so you know, Once they are gone, they are gone!

Thank you, Mr. GRAF!


Limited Edition Sale:

The Mr. Graf Limited Edition G703 will be made-to-order. This means that the boots will be manufactured completely from scratch for each order specifically.
As a result, you will receive your skates in 10 to 14 weeks after all orders have been collected.

Please note that the quantity is limited to 1 pair per customer and the skates cannot not be returned or refunded once ordered. We will not be able to exchange non-fitting boots.

The skate you see in the photo is a mock-up of the skate. The final product can look different from the image.

Important Information (For Taxes and Customs)

The price you pay is an All-Inclusive price! It includes the product, cost of delivery, as well as customs and taxes. (So called DDP)

The products will be manufactured in Switzerland and shipped from Switzerland. We’ll ship the skates in bulk to the EU, US, and Canada where the parcels will be handed over for domestic delivery. For other regions, the skates will be sent directly from the Factory to the destination.