Asymmetrical Tongue

Stays locked in position throughout play

2-Piece Heat Moldable Composite Quarter Panels

Unmatched heel lock and fit. At 780g, the result is a high-performance skate built for speed. The process and technology behind this is called SPEEDFIT

Foam Lined Toe Cap

Increased comfort and toe protection

Cobra 2.0 SS Runner

Stainless steel runner with a 10ft radius allows for quicker turns

Peekspeed Composite Outsole

For increased power transfer

Flexible Tendon Guard

For dynamic support

Flex Fit Collar

Unmatched agility in tight corners

GRAF skates are designed with a Fit-First concept known asĀ SPEED FIT.

The heel is formed with a 2-piece quarter panel to create a 3D shape for the heel.

The side panels are designed so they surround the foot to provide maximum support in aggressive skating.

The forefoot area is designed to allow the foot to be properly seated and positioned in the skate. This provides added control and transfers power to the ice.

The toe-caps are formed to allow the toes to fit naturally in the boot. This improves balance and control.

The internal mid-sole of every GRAF skate is glued and nailed to a solid base. This reduces twisting and torque to keep the blades aligned to the foot for precision control and maximum performance. Because the boot is built around the actual anatomical shape of the foot, The break-in time is reduced while comfort is increased and performance enhanced.